If I knew the answers to the following questions, I think I could figure this whole thing out a little better.

How exactly did Desmond get to the island? (I know he sailed there, but HOW?)

Why can't Flocke kill Ilana? (Killed Bram and friends but Ilana remains unscathed.)

Who stole Christian's body? (Biggest mystery to me.)

Why do women die during childbirth on the island?

Why have Sun and Jin been separated for so long?

Why did the smoke monster kill the pilot of flight 815? (He didn't belong there?)

Why does Jacob reveal himself to Hurley but no one else?

Why couldn't Michael kill himself?

Why did Ben and the Others kill the Dharma people? (Land grab?)

For that matter...Who are/were the Others and what was their purpose?

Where the hell did that black horse come from? (just curious)

Goodguyswearblack 13:39, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

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