I'm not engaging in hyperbole when I apply that descriptor to Ilana's death. Let's review:

  • Jacob was the closest thing she had to a dad.
  • She had trained her whole life for that mission.
  • She knew tons about the Island.
  • She had a big, unexplained backstory.

So why was she ignored all season, except "Dr. Linus"? And why did they kill her off like that?

Nothing about her is revealed. Nothing is resolved or changed by her death. It seems to have only happened for shock value-which is interesting, since most twists have something to do with the plot. This just happened for no f**king reason. And why didn't she give the dynamite to a candidate, or Richard? Neither can commit suicide, so presumably they can't be killed if they mishandle dynamite. As she was prepared for this mission by Jacob herself, you'd think that she would know this.

Did they want to establish how dangerous the dynamite is? Well, LOST FANS ALREADY KNOW THAT. From Arzt. Just namedropping him would accomplish the same function as her death. Having the dynamite go off and destroy the camp or something would accomplish the same function as her death. But no, they had to kill her off in the most meaningless way possible.

So to recap, they wasted a potentially major character on a cheap shock. In fact, Carlton hinted at it on Twitter by saying "tonight, a blast from the past". So...Ilana was killed as a homage to the first season!? I wouldn't be surprised if Damon and Carlton wanted us to laugh at it, or something.

And in earlier seasons, I might assume that her story would be told in flashbacks. But no. We don't get flashbacks, we get flash-sideways. Because, really, what more could you want in the final season than a series of recycled stories from earlier seasons with the twist that it's all about love (but only from "Happily Ever After" on, since they didn't set up the "they remember love" twist in any previous episode)?

As you can see on my user page, I will likely not watch the rest of season six, even if I'll hang around here still to edit stuff from earlier seasons.

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