The deaths: Way to be cowardly on a Heroes level, Darlton! Why not kill off Jack, or Kate, or Hurley, or Sawyer? Somebody whose death would have a major impact on the plot? No, your daring, bold twist is...killing off four people who you had given nothing to do. Thus, they wouldn't impact the plot so much. You know what would have been more interesting? Have Jack, Kate and Sawyer go down with the sub. Leave us with Sayid, Sun, Jin, Hurley and Frank for the final episodes. That would be so much more "WTF!"-y than what you actually did. Which was, uh, killing off all of the non-white cast members except Hurley, Miles and Richard...and the latter two didn't even appear this week.

The flash-sideways: Of course, those deaths mean little since everyone's happy and alive in the flash-sideways! In past seasons a death meant someone was gone, outside of guest spots. But Sun, Jin and Sayid will still be able to appear regularly. Only Frank won't be-and for all we know they'll quickly introduce flash Frank like they did with Ilana. And this episode's flash-sideways focused on Jack looking into why Locke was paralyzed.

Hey, Darlton! I know how Locke was in the wheelchair. We learned that in season 3. Why would you possibly think that what we wanted out of the final season was the plots of earlier season's flashbacks?

Characters: Let's review which characters I like or not by now.

  • Jack: Brought C4 onto a sub he didn't even want to board.
  • Sawyer: Caused the detonation of the C4 in order to spite Jack.
  • Kate: Was shot and didn't die. Yes, that makes me dislike her even more.
  • Hurley: Alright.
  • Claire: Characterization is even more inconsistent than Sayid's. Wow.
  • Miles, Ben, Richard: Still like them, but I doubt we'll see them anytime soon. really, the only characters left are the most annoying. Joy.

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