Location and the flash-sideways

Something I haven't seen remarked upon much about the flash-sideways is the location of everyone. But everyone is now located in one place: L.A.

Rose is from New York. But she works for a temp agency in L.A. in the flash-sideways.

Dogen is from Osaka. But he and his son live in L.A. in the flash-sideways.

Keamy is from Vegas and Omar from Florida. In the flash-sideways, they're criminals in L.A.

Alex and Danielle should be in France if they never crashed on the Island. But, you guessed it, they're in L.A.

Some of this is understandable, but-for example-why would a scientist like Danielle Rousseau go to L.A. and work three jobs to pay the rent?

So does why does everyone think this is? Just a plot device, or is there something more to it? Does this mean anything?

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