Favorite X is Y theory?

We've all heard them: "ABADDON IS FUTURE WALT!" "JACOB IS JACK!" But what are your favorite weird "X is Y" theories-not plausible ones like "Mysterious boy is Jacob!" or blindingly obvious ones like "Ellie is 1950s Eloise!" (to this day I have noooo clue how they thought her identity would surprise anyone) but ones like the first two I mentioned?

3x12 ParAvion ER doctor


This guy is a doctor in "Par Avion" who has a single line. On the LP forums I saw somebody theorize that this is Miles. Setting aside the difference in race, there's a resemblance. But Miles wasn't even conceived of as a character until Damon and Carlton saw Ken Leung on The Sopranos one night while planning season 4 and decided to write a role for him. And as with a lot of the theories, it doesn't make much sense. Why would a medium like Miles also work as a doctor in Australia-played by a different actor, no less?

So what are yours?

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