A useless post about centrics

Hi, I'm just trying out blogs by posting on something I've wondered about for a while: namely, why certain characters get the flashbacks in a episode.

The vast majority of the time it makes sense, but a few just puzzle me...

  • The Greater Good: A episode about Shannon dealing with Boone's death is centric to...Sayid? Really? Especially since Sayid's flashback simply isn't that good, because of Essam's hilarious accent.
  • Dave: Why isn't this just a Libby episode? She dies in a couple of episodes, leaving her backstory a complete mystery, but they had the perfect chance to show us a bit of her past here.Why didn't Libby get a centric, actually? During her run on the show, the other main character tailies get two episodes each and even the recurring one got a episode. But she gets one flashback that's less than a minute long.
  • The Brig: A episode almost entirely about Sawyer. Naturally, the flashbacks belong to Locke.
  • The Other Woman: Juliet's flashbacks show us something we already know (Ben had a thing for her) and add in a relationship never mentioned outside of this episode. I think it would have been better to give this episode to Daniel or Charlotte. Preferably Charlotte, as she never got a centric of her own when she had enough of a past to carry at least one.

Anyway, I just wanted to figure out how to use this feature and post something, so yeah.

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