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    Lost and Sexism

    September 22, 2010 by Golden Monkey

    Was LOST a sexist show? Let's look!

    • Kate: Season 1 - A interesting character with her own goals and history.
      Season 2 to 5 - Exists solely as a prop for Jack and Sawyer's development.
      Season 6 - Allowed a relationship beyond Jack and Sawyer, this treated as shocking.
    • Sun: Season 1 to 4 - A interesting character with her own goals and history.
      Season 5 - JIIIIIIIN! WHERE IS MY HUSBAND? BEN (who she's holding hostage for killing Jin, even though there's no possible way she could know he was responsible for the explosion of the freighter) WHERE IS MY HUSBAND?
      Season 6 - Silent, later dead.
    • Claire: Season 1 - A interesting character with her own goals and history.
      Season 2 to 3 - CHARRRRLIIIIE. MY BABBBBBY.
      Season 4 - Nothing
      Season 6 - Only worthy of d…

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    May 14, 2010 by Golden Monkey

    A lot of people are saying that MIB is evil. Or maybe good. The Candidate said he's evil, Across the Sea said he's good.

    I have clear evidence MIB is good. It comes from the great poet of our age, Will Smith:

    The good guys dress in black, remember that,
    Just in case we ever face to face and make contact.

    He clearly foresaw Lost with his precognitive powers and was letting us know who to root for. Just look at the line "No names and no fingerprints". MIB has no names, and no fingerprints. INFALLIBLE LOGIC, EH? And has the Fresh Prince ever lead you astray (except Wild Wild West, that movie sucks)? I THINK NOT.

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    The deaths: Way to be cowardly on a Heroes level, Darlton! Why not kill off Jack, or Kate, or Hurley, or Sawyer? Somebody whose death would have a major impact on the plot? No, your daring, bold twist is...killing off four people who you had given nothing to do. Thus, they wouldn't impact the plot so much. You know what would have been more interesting? Have Jack, Kate and Sawyer go down with the sub. Leave us with Sayid, Sun, Jin, Hurley and Frank for the final episodes. That would be so much more "WTF!"-y than what you actually did. Which was, uh, killing off all of the non-white cast members except Hurley, Miles and Richard...and the latter two didn't even appear this week.

    The flash-sideways: Of course, those deaths mean little since everyo…

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    Sayid, the only Arab character on the show, died in what was essentially a suicide bombing.


    (full post on the episode to come later, just wanted to get this out there)

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    I'm not engaging in hyperbole when I apply that descriptor to Ilana's death. Let's review:

    • Jacob was the closest thing she had to a dad.
    • She had trained her whole life for that mission.
    • She knew tons about the Island.
    • She had a big, unexplained backstory.

    So why was she ignored all season, except ? And why did they kill her off like that?

    Nothing about her is revealed. Nothing is resolved or changed by her death. It seems to have only happened for shock value-which is interesting, since most twists have something to do with the plot. This just happened for no f**king reason. And why didn't she give the dynamite to a candidate, or Richard? Neither can commit suicide, so presumably they can't be killed if they mishandle dynamite. As she was prepared f…

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