As we saw from what the smoke monster as Alex said to Ben, the smoke monster is on John 2.0's side. If John wants to kill Jacob, this must mean the monster and Jacob have some relationship issues. Furthermore, Richard and Ben were against the Jacob plot, which would suggest Richard is not connected to the monster, but towards Jacob. This would mean that for as long as the two have existed, the island has been divided, and maybe longer. The 'salt' or substance surrounding the cabin, could be what keeps the monster out and away from the place.

Then who is Jacob? One might suggest from John's dream that Mr. Dharma-Boss Horace built the cabin for his son, Ethan. Interesting, but Jacob appears older from references by Widmore and Ben. Then the ever popular Jack is Jacob theory, which I personally don't like. But, there could be a connection between Jack's father and half sister being in the cabin, and the sudden visit by Jack to his grandfather's off island. While Jack has changed alot recently, nearly mimicing John, as a doctor I'd think he'd perfer technology, yet what has it broguth him? -The only connection I might find is that Christian is actually Jack who got trapped in the past, but it gets a little too creepy from there...

So the war that's coming, I believe is between just 2 factions, with the losties taking sides. There's the obvious Ben v. Widmore, but now I see a Monster v. Jacob. -I'd include more but time is short, tell me what you think!

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