So I'm still stoked after writing a Monster vs. Jacob blog prior to the finale, but now it's time to serious the f up.

Debate began over who Eloise was pregers with. Believed Daniel, but if it was him, he'd be a 19 year old Harvard Professor. Sense, this makes none. So Only other related we know may be Penny. it would make sense, but then who is this outsider Widmore had relations/child with we believed to be Penny? More importantly, Richard knocked her out to 'protect their leader'. Is Eloise a leader? Or is the baby a future leader? Or would leader Widmore jsut be very hurt by her death?

As the good vs evil theme returns, it's almost obvious Jacob is good while Samuel L Smokey is not so much. I think a rebellion will be in order from the others, or atleast Ilana and friends. But then who's coming? the simple solution is he was refering to Bram and them about to run inside and shoot John 2.0, but seems more like the Ragnarok Theory. Atleast slightly, as the deaths of the Gods seems to be occuring. Well, Jacob is either an angel or just a random Christ figure.

Also, I loved how Jacob acted as if it had happened many times before when he saw the black rock coming, so much history on the island.

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