Most likely not to happen in the season premiere, but hopefully soon after, an episode devoted to a certain Richard Alpert. EW Just had a fan voted "Mysteries that need to be solved" with Richard at number 1. So is he a vampire? A robot? An unwilling immortal?

After not seeing him on island with Jacob, which seemed those 2 were the only 2 people on the island at the time (possibly), a ship approached. Almost certainly the Black Rock, most guess Richard will be on that boat.

If anyone is a fan of Iron Maiden, they might already wonder(if not go read the lyrics to..), Is Richard a sort of Ancient Mariner?(Rime of the Ancient Mariner). Or perhaps the navigator.

I just really want to see Richard be the navigator on the black rock(going with the compass theme even), and to also have a necklace with a bird on it(which relates to the hurley bird, and to iron maiden)!

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