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  • Glyphs

    The New Man In Charge

    July 20, 2010 by Glyphs

    A new screen cap of the upcoming 12 minute vignette from the season 6 dvd set is up to keep us on our toes, and shows that Ben is going around to Dharma stations, and shutting some down.

    So What do you think?

    A. Hurley stops global warming and ewoks as he originally planned


    B. An explanation to the mysterious Door Station

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  • Glyphs

    All the names people have thrown out there all these years, and yet they belong to two characters without names. Good play, Darlton.

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  • Glyphs

    My instant favorite facebook status for an instant favorite episode. I hope to god Desomnd says this but once. "Saw you in another life, brother."

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  • Glyphs

    So who else was psyched when they found Shannon's inhaler? I thought it was pretty awesome, I started getting all ecstatic and what not!

    Since the first season we have been left to wonder, where did the inhaler go? Well they promised us answers this season. They delivered.

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  • Glyphs

    Santa Rosa Sightings

    February 8, 2010 by Glyphs

    Just a tad bit of information I noticed while watching what I believe was the Season 4 Finale. When Walt visits Hurley off the island at the mental hospital, there is a drawing in the background.

    It is of an ocean with a ship sailing on it, and beneath it an island. Wonder how this correlates now that we've seen the sunken island?

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