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    I will let this stand for itself

    LAX part 2: BEN: What are you?

    (F)LOCKE: Wh.. I'm not a what Ben, I'm a who.

    The Package : JIN : What Package ?

    WIDMORE : It's not a what, it's a who.

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    What is Destiny

    February 6, 2010 by Glasseye77

    With the Sideways Reality so similar in ways to our accustomed Reality i thought maybe the this is the Big Question of the series. There is all this talk "...this is my destiny" "that was his path" and so on. Maybe destiny means the important things happen but the surrounding events are practicly free.

    For example :

    - Locke will walk again, maybe this time because of Jack and not the Island ... - Charlie will die doing something for Claire (remember all the things he did while supposed to be dying had claire in common). Though i am interested how they will connect them this time :-) - Jack will go mad over his missing father (remember he never found him until now) … Read more >
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    Monster :

    Just came to my mind : did whe see the monster in the 70's ? it wasn't shown in the 50's and if in Dharmatimes it was not on the loose, the first time it became active was when the French Team arrived. So where was it at that point ? Imprisoned ? Was it sort of a deity of justice to the others as Ben claims ? and why did it start attacking later on. It is also noteworty that as of now it never attacked an Other (there was that one time with Juliet, but i think it just wanted Kate. And Brams Team where no Others)

    Cabin :

    It was built by Horace (unless that was somekind of supernatural con) in Dharmatimes which leaves only a (relativly) small timewindow for it to be Inhabited.

    a) Either MIB was imprisoned in the cabin (circle of ash) …

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    The Illusion

    January 18, 2010 by Glasseye77

    i came to wonder about a scene thats been inside my head quite a while now.

    it's the standoff at the marina first shown in "The Little Prince" and brought back in a few episodes.

    what puzzled me is the boat with the name the "Illusion". In a shoot from a above we can see over the front of kate's car and there lies the "Illusion". what really concerns me is not the implication of illusion but the fact that no one seems to have noticed. i read the pages on the episodes and nothing, searched for Illusion and came up with nothing. isnt it funny that people know right after the episode aired that "Canton Rainier" means reincarnation and that Hoffs and Drawler is anagramatic for flash forward, no one seems to have seen the "Illiusion".

    am i mad or…

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    a few remarks - my first

    January 14, 2010 by Glasseye77

    These are a few thougts i had to write down

    (im am writing this on the premise that the ajirra landing is exactly 30 years after the second jack-jungle-waking-hero thing.

    i personally dont like this approach but i think its likely they took it. also english is not my native language so please forgive me my misspellings.)

    traveling to and from the island as timetravel:

    timetravel of ajira flight is caused by a timegap between the island and the rest of the world, which existed alrady by the time the freighter got to the island and seems to be widening. possibly caused by the swans implosion. but technicly this would not be timetravel in the strictest sense as there is only one time to travel to. if for instance somebody went off the island …

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