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  • Gladimus

    I liked Paulo

    December 10, 2011 by Gladimus

    It's a shame Nikki and Paulo got such a negative backlash. I mean, I sort of understand for Nikki, as I get the impression she was written to be a slightly annoying character and somewhat unlike-able , as evident from her attitude in Exposé, but Paulo? Nah, he was a great murdering Zuckerman...

    Paulo appreciation!

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  • Gladimus

    They lived in Raccoon City ;)

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  • Gladimus

    Everyone Likes Lost

    October 24, 2011 by Gladimus

    I'm here to share a video with you all.

    This video actually convinced me to sign up for a Youtube account back in the day, I loved it so much that I was determined not to let myself ever forget it, so I created an account especially to 'favourite' it. Thankfully, four years later and it's still there!

    It's called "Everyone Likes Lost", and was made between the airings of Lost seasons 3 and 4. The filming quality isn't fantastic, but the comedy is brilliant. It's something of a parody of both the show itself and the writers.


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  • Gladimus

    Re-watching Lost

    October 7, 2011 by Gladimus

    Re-watching Lost for the first time since it's initial run. I'd watched plenty of episodes multiple times, but finally I'm watching them all again in order, thanks to my lovely Seasons 1-6 box set.

    It is as good as I remember it to be!

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