Watching some old 2nd and 3rd season episodes today I remembered the impressive ways in which Locke's faith on the Island, and his destiny, amazed us all. All the Boone drama, loosing faith in pushing the button, saving Mr. Eko guided by a dream, etc. All of this in name of the island. Later, he chats with Ben and learns about the "magic box" analogy. The Island, throughout this, acting as a guidance force of some sorts.

Today, I can't help but feel a little cheated. Turns out, according to the unifying theory that was practically written all over the screen on the season 5 finale, that Locke acted as a pawn in a big god-like chess game.

I guess my question is: what is the role of the Island, and it's powers, with the "two friends"? I see the Island as an entity much bigger than this Egyptian mythology stuff. It's properties are not related to the interpretation human kind gives to them. And if Jacob itself seemed to be mortal-like, is he really such a big god? What is his relationship to the island itself?

I believe the Island is more than this apparent game we've been seeing, and also more than electromagnetic properties. Looking forward to those answers on season 6! (DESTINY FOUND).

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