• Giulianoxt

    Claire's Dream

    February 28, 2010 by Giulianoxt

    Hey guys,

    I don't know if it's a repeated post but I just saw this S01 video of a dream Claire had, and it blew my mind. Check it out:

    Observations: If the producers really did have the ending figured out at that point, then we're in for some major clues there about Aaron. Also worth noting are Locke's eyes and the sound the cards make in the beginning.

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  • Giulianoxt

    Watching some old 2nd and 3rd season episodes today I remembered the impressive ways in which Locke's faith on the Island, and his destiny, amazed us all. All the Boone drama, loosing faith in pushing the button, saving Mr. Eko guided by a dream, etc. All of this in name of the island. Later, he chats with Ben and learns about the "magic box" analogy. The Island, throughout this, acting as a guidance force of some sorts.

    Today, I can't help but feel a little cheated. Turns out, according to the unifying theory that was practically written all over the screen on the season 5 finale, that Locke acted as a pawn in a big god-like chess game.

    I guess my question is: what is the role of the Island, and it's powers, with the "two friends"? I see th…

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  • Giulianoxt

    Just for the record: I believe in it, but I wanna try to explain why it still isn't confirmed. We can't rule out the possibility of WHH being wrong just because it would create a paradox (what some are explaining in the blogs with the grandfather paradox time loop). If the writer's really want, they could go with the alternate realities (universes, whatever you like) theory. That every action of a "future being" in the past, I mean every single one, not just the explosion of the bomb, creates an alternate reality from the previous one.

    IMHO, that would be too confusion and less interesting than WHH. But my hope is that the creators didn't mean for any of the two, but a new, more interesting, way (where Desmond is involved).

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  • Giulianoxt

    Hi all. I rewatched "Dead is Dead" today and saw something interesting.

    In the scene where Flocke guides Ben through the jungle, on to the temple. When Ben recognizes the path, he talks about how they're going to "our temple" (The Other's). However, Flocke quickly says they're not going that way, they're going underground. Ben then gets surprised.

    It gave me the impression Ben didn't know (or didn't really cared) about that passage. But then again, Richard, in a later episode, talks about part of the Others group being at the temple. Maybe they never used the underground tunnels. Maybe that area always "belonged" to Jacob's enemy.

    This, of course, reinforces the theory going on about the monster.

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