My first question is this. In season 5 episode 7: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, Locke falls down the well and is approached by Christian Shephard who tells him to turn the wheel and move the island. If this was the Man in Black, why did he not just use the wheel himself to get off the island?

My second question is this. Later on in season 5, MIB is in his Locke form with Ben over on Hydra Island but at the same time Christian Shephard is talking with Frank and Sun. How can he be both at the same time?

Any ideas? I get the impression that perhaps Christian Shephard was never MIB after all(and MIB lied in season 6 when he told Jack that it was him who led him to water). Perhaps he was just an manifestation provided by the island? Like Claudia in Across the Sea considering she definitely wasn't the Man in Black because that was before he became the smoke monster.

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