I'm curious if this has been discussed before, but why was Ben the loophole to killing Jacob. When Jacob and Lock see eachother Jacob says "I guess you found your loophole." I don't know if I fully understand why Ben was the loophole. We saw in "Ab aeterno" that the MIB told Richard to kill Jacob with a dagger and not let Jacob speak to him. This reminds me of when Sayid is sent to kill the MIB and is given a similar dagger and told a similar story of not letting him speak. So it seems to me that this implies Jacob and MIB can be killed in the same manner. So if Ben was MIB's loophole then there is a loophole for killing the MIB that is similar to Ben's situation. The reason I think this is important is because it may be the key to destroying the MIB. So I think the possible reason Ben was a loophole is because he was one of Jacob's people who turned on him. Ben devoted his life to the island in the name of Jacob, and Lock used this to his advantage in getting him to kill Jacob. So perhaps the key to killing the MIB is to have someone who has been working for him for a while and is devoted to him. Like Claire, she has been working with the MIB for 3 years, he doesn't appear to take anyone else under his wing for this long. So maybe, Claire will be the one to kill him in the end. Also, I think that MIB was more or less playing with Ben's life than Lock's. I know a lot of people argue that MIB planned everything with Lock, but I think he more or less found an opprotunity when Lock's body was brought back to the Island. I think he plotted more with Ben, like luring him towards the Other's with his dead mother. Then Ben felt a duty towards "the monster" that the other others did not appear to have. So it was almost like MIB was plotting to have Ben turn on Jacob, a long con. Anyway, just thought I would get some opinions on this thought I've had. --Get Off The Island 06:35, May 11, 2010 (UTC)

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