So I know there will be no way to explain all the mysteries of the Island in the final four episodes they have left. However, I'm curious if they will talk about Juliet's mark. In season 3 Ben ordered she be marked instead of killed for betraying the others. As far as I know the mark was only discussed in that one episode that they marked her, and when Ben made the order all of "The Others" seemed shocked that he would order something like that. They made it sound like it was a serious punishment. However, it was never talked about after that episode. In some of the theories on Lostpedia about the mark it is said that it symbolizes resurrection. Does this mean they will bring Juliet back to save everyone? As much as I love Juliet I highly doubt she will be brought back and end up saving the day. I just was curious if anyone had thoughts on this, perhaps it has been explained I just missed it? Also, I read an article where the writers of LOST were interviewed and said they still had one thing to tell us about Juliet's story. Could this be it? --Get Off The Island 22:38, April 30, 2010 (UTC)

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