Alright so I have a theory for the last scene of LOST and part of it’s overall message. I think this theory comes from my undeniable need to have the lives of the LOST characters end on a good note with all of them alive and friends. But also I have no idea what’s going on between Jacob and the MIB. As much as we make theories, and the little bits of info we’ve been told, I think anything is possible. But we know that there are rules to what they are doing, and that Jacob is trying to prove something to the MIB about humanity. So what if the OT is actually not an original time line for these characters but the real original timeline is one we have never been shown. Ok hang with me for a little bit, the MIB said “still trying to prove me wrong” in “The Incident” to which Jacob replied “you are wrong.” So why would Jacob need to prove anything to him if all he is supposed to do is keep him from leaving the island? The MIB could not have killed Jacob if it hadn’t been for the people Jacob brought. So I’m wondering if maybe the MIB and Jacob are playing a game with people’s lives so that one can prove a point to the other. Maybe in the real lives of these characters they all know each other and are friends, maybe some are successful, some not. Perhaps the MIB challenged Jacob that he could take a group of good and bad people who are either friends or connected to each other through other means and corrupt them by changing events in their lives. I don’t know how exactly this works, but we know that Jacob has taken away free will at times and can assume that so has the MIB. I think Jacob believes there is a balance of good and evil in the world and when the end comes things level out. And what I mean by this is that Jacob and the MIB are two extremes good/Jacob and evil/MIB so in the end both will be eliminated. So maybe the Losties are going to have a final battle with the MIB, some on his side others not, and then once the MIB is defeated or however that will work we will get a glimpse of the lives of the characters restored in their original time line. And I still think that the FST is a representation of what will happen when the MIB is released from the Island, and things are not right. Then the final scene will be Jacob and the MIB sitting together next to the scale with the rocks on it. They will talk about how everyone has a balance of good and evil in them that levels the scale. Then Jacob will place the white rock back on the scale and it will balance out with light and dark on both sides. This sounds crazy I know, but I really do think that Jacob and the MIB are playing a game to prove something. And no matter what the message is at the end I think the rocks on the scale might make a good ending scene. I just thought I would post this to get some opinions on flaws in the theory or any details that might make it more concrete. --Get Off The Island 22:13, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

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