Ok I have been reading everyone's blogs about their disapointments and concerns about the finale. Now I have to admit that I too am concerned, not that I think the writers are idiots who can't find an end to what they created, but I'm worried that what I want won't happen. I fell in love with LOST not because of the mysteries or the brilliant writing. I fell in love because of the love story. Don't hate me, it's a little curse of mine that I only become completely obsessed with a show when I find a love story that I have to watch over and over again. For me the love story is "the foot in the door," after I'm hooked on a love story I tend to follow the whole story and become madly obsessed. I had heard of LOST when it first started and I followed it a little, but my real obsession did not come until the season 5 finale with the heart wrenching Sawyer and Juliet tragedy. I spent the summer watching the entire show and became obsessed with the mystery and suspense. Now I want nothing more than to understand the show and see an end to this great story that has been created for us. However, I feel that my main desire for the shows end is for it to be a good one for the characters. For Sawyer and Juliet to be reunited in the end. I know this is probably not going to happen for me, but I would also be satisfied if they gave a good end to the overall story. From what I gathered from "Across the sea" the show seems to be kinda leaning towards an end with one candidate staying behind to guard the island. I still think they could have an alternate end without having any candidates on the island. However, I'm still worried that the loved characters (we all have our favorites) will end up either dead in the end or trapped protecting the island. I understand that the writers are not going to please us all, but I still do hope for a happy ending for all characters. So anyway, this is my hope for the show, a good end for the characters. I do want mysteries solved, but overall I want to see our characters finally happy.

Also, I want to add a little note to all those bashing the writers. The fact is they cannot please everyone, and the show still isn't over. They will probably surprise us all in the end with some shocking twist. Regardless of how the show ends, they have done an amazing job of captivating the audience and adding new and interesting ways of story telling. If you think that they have backed themselves into a corner they cannot get out of then how would you have done it? I think they have done an amazing job with this show and obviously at some point so did everyone with a Lostpedia account because if didn't like the show you wouldn't have spend time with this site. So although you may be disappointed with their choice of direction, don't bash their tallent.

Also, let me put this out there for discussion. What is it that people really want from the end in general? I at least want a happy end for the characters.

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