I was wondering if anyone could answer some questions I had after "What They Died for." I have been having trouble accepting some of the answers we were given. I know that they won't answer everything and that some of their answers won't be accepted by everyone, but the whole scene with Jacob just bothered me. He gave some half ass explanation for why he brought them there. They were all flawed and did not have a good life. Which makes sense, they were all flawed. But it seems like part of their flaws came because he interfered with their life. Ok this isn't really what's bothering me the most I'm really bothered by his explanation of why he crossed Kate off the wall.

He said Kate was crossed off because she became a mother. However, Sun was a mother and Jin was a father. Sawyer is a father, although he never really spent time with his daughter, he also never had a chance after being taken to the island. Charles said he was told by Jacob to come to the island and use Desmond. So Desmond has to make a sacrifce when he's a father? And Kate isn't really a mother, Aaron is Clair's son and Kate knew this so she came back to the island. It just seemed like a fishy answer. I'm wondering if there is more to this than Jacob is letting the characters know.

Also, Jacob claims to have brought people who had troubled lives to begin with. Juliet is the first character that comes to mind for this. She had her sister that she wanted to be with more than anything. So why if Jacob's excuse for taking people out of their lives was it ok to take Juliet away from her sister.

I just think that maybe the finally will have a major twist, or at least I hope it will. I'm begining to think Jacob is bad. If I was taken from my life and expected to find a way to live on a crazy island, only to be told now I have to protect it, I would be pissed. I wouldn't just accept it like Sawyer, Kate, Hurly, and Jack did. I dunno was anyone else frustrated and a little skeptic to believe the last episode? --Get Off The Island 01:28, May 20, 2010 (UTC)

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