Ok, let's remember that it was Eloise Hawkings who told Jack that he needed to put something of Christian's with Locke so that he could serve as a "proxy".

I think that something is going on with that. Locke made a comment to Jack this week about how Jack was responsible for bringing back Locke so that MIB could take over the body.

NOW. Since we have seen that in the FST Eloise (now Widmore) seems to know a LOT about what is going on I wonder if the suggestion to take an item of Christian's was more important than just to recreate the conditions of the original flight. I think that Christian is a lot more important also than just a manifestation of MIB and I think that whose side he comes down on will be a crucial part of the coming "war".

Does anyone else think the shoes were more important and will be re-mentioned? Anyone else think that Eloise and Christian will be elemental to the end?

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