• German vr

    first of all, I think it's Jacob, or at least a shape he can take. I think he can only be seen by people who have already seen him. THAT'S WHY RICHARD COULDN'T SEE HIM, he hasn't seen Jacob yet (as he explained before).

    what do you think?

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  • German vr

    in one of the past seasons (I don't really remember which one), they show a video where they seem to be kidnapping someone. it was marked as one of the mysterious happenings, but I can't find that text anymore. does anyone know who that guy was?

    I think it was a video where we see Widmore, but I don't remember!

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  • German vr

    dead is dead

    April 3, 2009 by German vr

    we all assume next episode will clearly be focused on John Locke and the relation he has with Ben. we might get answers about how he managed to come back from the Dead and what's the island got to do with it (if so).

    I myself don't really think the island can resurrect people, what I believe is John Locke got a second chance to make things right: they're both going to move the island eventually.

    any thoughts on the matter?

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