Hey guys, everyone I have spoke to about The End doesnt get it and think it's stupid.

I of course disagree, I LOVED the ending and thought it was a beautiful ending to an amazing show.

I think the easiest way for people to understand it is take all (what we believed to be) flash sideways / alternate timeline and push that right to the end of the story. Imaginate as one big flash forward. Now everything that happened on the island happened. Right up until Jack dies we know the story. The missing piece is Hurley, Ben, Desmond, Rose, Bernard and Vincent on island. Sawyer, Kate, Clare, Miles, Frank and Richard who flew away.

Now I'm guessing that Hurley and Ben helped Desmond off the island who spent the rest of his days with penny & Charlie. Rose, Bernard & Vincent spent theres on island as did Hurey & Ben. I also think that because Jack didn't do the incantation like Mother or Jacob did, Hurley only lived a mortal life and not until he was like 5000+ lol

I'm also guessing that the plane crew landed safely and spent there days off island.

The afterlife in LA was a place they all made together subconciously so they could find each other and spent eternity together because they were so important to each other. Time is irrelivant in the afterlife so when everyone died they jumped staright to that point SO the years apart that the deaths were don't matter.

I hope that sums a bit up folks as I get annoyed when people slag off Lost. I have never missed an episode and loved all (even Nikki & Paulo) that Lost had to offer. I am truly going to miss and will rewatch for years to come.

P.S i did notice one major fuck up which I hope someone can clear up for me. We see Charlie relise he is dead in afterlife BUT he knew he was a ghost in the S4 premier when he visited Hurley. If someone can explain then please do but I am not holding that against Lost lol

Thanks guys, comments please.

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