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May 6, 2009
  • Gazzastokes1987

    Hey guys, everyone I have spoke to about The End doesnt get it and think it's stupid.

    I of course disagree, I LOVED the ending and thought it was a beautiful ending to an amazing show.

    I think the easiest way for people to understand it is take all (what we believed to be) flash sideways / alternate timeline and push that right to the end of the story. Imaginate as one big flash forward. Now everything that happened on the island happened. Right up until Jack dies we know the story. The missing piece is Hurley, Ben, Desmond, Rose, Bernard and Vincent on island. Sawyer, Kate, Clare, Miles, Frank and Richard who flew away.

    Now I'm guessing that Hurley and Ben helped Desmond off the island who spent the rest of his days with penny & Charlie. Ros…

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  • Gazzastokes1987

    I say this because she was the one who told Jack to bring Lockes body back to the island. Thats pretty much all Im going on lol she has always been creep aswell, don't like her much. Plus, she seems to know everything thats going on but doesn't say shit. Thoughts?!

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  • Gazzastokes1987

    Hey, anybody know why Charlie was in Australia in FSW cause I don't think it was to convince Liam to start back up Driveshaft.

    Faraday already had them booked for that gig and when Charlie was arrested, Liam got to the airport very quickly.

    I'm probably wrong and it probably doesn't matter but I want to know lol

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  • Gazzastokes1987

    Hey, I love Lost ... Like really love Lost. I have been a fan since day one and not had a bad word to say about the show, well maybe a tiny little word but anyway nothing that im not willing to forget BUT in The Package when Sun loses the abilty to speak English YET can understand it and write it. WHAT THE FUCK? In a word, it is STUPID! What a complete piece of nonsense, I actually started laughing. I think it is such a pointless peice of the story.

    Anyone agree lol

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  • Gazzastokes1987

    Hey, was just wondering if anyone is getting nervous about the ending of lost?

    I have been a fan of Lost since day 1 and have loved every season but so far season 6 isn't doing it for me. It's been the only premiere I have watched and not went "that was amazing" it was more like "Hmmm". I want to be one of the people who walk away satisfied with the outcome, not one of the people who feel let down.

    Also, I am kind of likeing the flash-sideways but was wondering how far they are going to take it. Any ideas? As of now, it's kind of like watching 2 shows in 1.

    Let me know your thoughts!

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