The season 6 review article is important. I liked everything, i love lost even though it's over. So many people had so many expectations for the show, but I realized toward the end that the simplest answer would be the answer. I felt satisfied at the end.

My only qualm is I really wanted the Easter egg of who was shooting at Sawyer & Juliet and friends during the time flashes, when they were in the outrigger sometime after the Ajira plane crashed and right before they flashed into the 1980's. I felt there were numerous opportuities to give us that brief connection between season 5 and 6, yet they just ignored it. Drag man. I'm hoping on my rewatch I might come up with what the writers would consider a reasonable assumption to answer that question. Personally I loved the time travel season and all the intricacies, I felt that it would have been sick(in a good way) to realize that Juliet hit someone in the other boat like BEN. I wanted that guy to die, and it would have been beautiful if it had been Juliet, the woman he tormented and held capive on the island...just one big loose thread for me. It would have been ironic and very lostian.

Note: I love to hate Michael Emmerson's character, and love the actor himself.

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