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    I'm certain that everytime someone has attempted CPR in Lost, they have successfully revived the person not breathing*. It's pretty remarkable - or unlikely, depending on how you look at it. What I'm curious about is how many times this has happened - I'm thinking at least 7. Anyone care to help me recite the occurences?

    1) Jack saves Rose on beach in Pilot, Part 1*

    2) Desmond saves Claire in Flashes Before Your Eyes

    3) Ana Lucia on Emma in The Other 48 Days

    4) Sawyer on Michael in Adrift

    5) Jack on Charlie in All the Best Cowboys...

    there are more...

    • Note: I'm not counting when Boone attempted CPR on Rose, because he was interrupted by Jack, who saved her
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  • FrogurtStation

    Ok, so in 100 hours of Lost I'm sure everyone has laughed at something that wasn't intended to be funny.

    For me, the moment that cracks me up is when Ben and his dad are in the van "celebrating" Ben's birthday (right before Ben kills him), his dad tips his beercan to Ben, as if to say "Well, here's to you son, who's birthday I can't even remember and who I've neglected and verbally abused for years."

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    ...the fact that the Losties never share their experiences with one another? For example, Jack and Kate just learned in "Follow the Leader" that Faraday went back in time to 1954 and interacted with the Others vis-a-vis Jughead. But Jack and Kate don't know that Locke, Sawyer, Julliete, and Miles were there as well, and that they went even further back in time and saw the statue.

    How are they not sharing information like this with each other? I know it's only been a few days together at Dharmatown, but come on! This has been a recurring theme as well in the first four seasons (i.e. no character knows everything that the viewer sees, but could if the characters simply talked to each other).

    Also, I can't stand how Kate has exactly zero intell…

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