Hello Everybody ;)

Hey, as a really hardcore fan of our fantastic show, i'm quite amused to find out that it's my first post on lostpedia ;) That should be called the beginning of the end ... or whatever ... perhaps it was my destiny to write this today ;)

So, about my personnel theory about flash-sideways ...

I was thinking about one thing, do you really think a show with so many many characters could really be with a sole ending in a (spectacular i'm sure) short two-hour episode in a few months, giving enough screen time to each sawyer, kate, jack, locke, claire, jin, sun, sayid .... i mean, it would be impossible to give one final episode satisfying for each character as to tell us "hey, that's the happy ending of each one and him and him and her ..., with many many information ..."

HAPPY ENDING ! That's the core of my personnel theory ! When i was looking The Substitute, that was my final observation : what a happy ending episode for our dear sad John Locke : getting to acknowledged his limits by talking with Rose, and finding his so-wanted family ever-after with Helen ... I mean, if we never have to see John again, that would be a fine ending for him ...

And what about SuperDoctor Jack ? Lighthouse ends with him talking with his son in a very emotionnal way, talking about the huge pain that was the poor relationship with his father all his life, and coming to end this by not copying christian faults ... I mean, it's quite enjoyable to see Jack leaving the place with his son knowing it would be fine from now on ...

So two Happy Ending in a way !

And so, my personnal thought is that somewhat the Flash-Sideways have nothing to do with the Jughead or whatever but are the true ending of the Show, a personnel choice from the writers to give us a long long ending showing the ending path of each characters all the way from the start to the end of the season.

I think that in the "Island Finale", in a way or another, our heroes and characters will have as a reward (from Jacob ?) the choice to come back and make their life again ...

But i think the real gift would be that they will have somewhat of the choice that follows ==> : Hey Man, i give you the possibility to come back in time AND change one thing in your life ;)

So Locke would have chosen to keep Helen in his life ! And so ... Happy Ending by having a family So Jack would have chosen to have a son previously ! And so ... Happy Ending by having a occasion to end his father-son poor relationship by talking about it and avoiding it to repeat with David ...

What dou you think about ? My idea would so be that the flash-sideways is the true ending of the show, as our characters have been sent back with a chance to "try again", but with the option of changing ONE thing in the life, which would make their life significantly better ;) Sorry it was long for a first post, i know that ;)

--FredoBsi 23:15, February 25, 2010 (UTC)FredoBsi

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