• FredoBsi

    My Theory

    February 25, 2010 by FredoBsi

    Hello Everybody ;)

    Hey, as a really hardcore fan of our fantastic show, i'm quite amused to find out that it's my first post on lostpedia ;) That should be called the beginning of the end ... or whatever ... perhaps it was my destiny to write this today ;)

    So, about my personnel theory about flash-sideways ...

    I was thinking about one thing, do you really think a show with so many many characters could really be with a sole ending in a (spectacular i'm sure) short two-hour episode in a few months, giving enough screen time to each sawyer, kate, jack, locke, claire, jin, sun, sayid .... i mean, it would be impossible to give one final episode satisfying for each character as to tell us "hey, that's the happy ending of each one and him and him …

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