Chess : Jacob is the White Healing One, his Nemesis is the Black Manipulative one

As some others, this is my first post on the subject.

As it seems to me, Jacob (aka the White One) is really a gentle one, and my theory is that touching (put an hand on a shoulder, or whatever) of the main characters is some kind of ... what would i say ... do you know the status "aureole" (i only know the french word, i dont know if there is a proper word in english) sometimes used in RPG (in the last battle from Final Fantasy X against Yu Yevon for exemple)? It allows players to survive a fatal hit by the ennemy, leading his hp to one instead of zero, one time only.

What i means is : Jacob couldsave a life by touching a people, one time only ... by doing this on Locke after his fall, he managed to save him (although his legs were not) ... and touching Sayid, Jin, Sun, Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer means : if they are to die one day, they will survive thanks to the touch of Jacob ! So, if they were near the bomb about time of the explosion, that fact could be usefull for them to survive ... And so what about the flashback of Juliet ? SHE IS NOT TOUCHED BY JACOB ! I think that's the use of this flashback, meaning she's not protected, and so, she died in the explosion, sigh ...

I also think that's the only one occasion in the story so far that Jacob has a concrete role. His ennemy, rival or whatever we may call, was the missing piece of the puzzle : he's the one who was (how ???) captured and sealed in the old caban, apparently with the help of the ashes outside. We could say that the only way for him to manifest himself was by the Smoke monster and by using the appearance of dead people like Christian or Locke (and Horace, no ?), while he was locked. All this time, he managed to fool everyone, everyone thought that the man in the caban was Jacob, but it was not ! And in the same times, Jacob was here, on the island, letting his nemesis play his part, mais didn't do anything about it, quite strange ...

So, we could say that the whole storyline "The Oceanic Must Come Back" has been manipulating from the shadow by the ennemy of Jacob, by the "mouth" of Christian and the action of a manipulated John Locke. He wanted Jack & Co to come back in 77 ... perhaps to be the instrument thats lead to The incident, insuring the crash and the well continuity of his plan as a loop ... He wanted the rest to be in 2008 to insure the murder of Jacob, by using Locke as a doppleganger ...

So, when we talked about a private war, that was clearly not a tiny one like Ben Vs Charles Widmore, but somethink really greater than that ... Except the White One (Jacob) has made no move, the exception being touching many characters in the past, implying to save them it seems ... And the Black One (his rival) has been clearly a leading one, posing as Jacob to manipulate many events ...

By the way, why do Jacob saved Locke if he was to become so instrumental in the plan of his rival ? Some kind of "Oh men, i know i'm making something stupid that would be instrumental in my downfall, but hey, i cant't let this poor bold man die this way, i'm a kind one" ... ?

What do you think about this ?

By the way, posing the White Jacob as good, and Black "Ennemy" as evil ... Does it not reminds you of a certain quote by John Locke in Season One ?

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