• FredoBSI

    As some others, this is my first post on the subject.

    As it seems to me, Jacob (aka the White One) is really a gentle one, and my theory is that touching (put an hand on a shoulder, or whatever) of the main characters is some kind of ... what would i say ... do you know the status "aureole" (i only know the french word, i dont know if there is a proper word in english) sometimes used in RPG (in the last battle from Final Fantasy X against Yu Yevon for exemple)? It allows players to survive a fatal hit by the ennemy, leading his hp to one instead of zero, one time only.

    What i means is : Jacob couldsave a life by touching a people, one time only ... by doing this on Locke after his fall, he managed to save him (although his legs were not) ..…

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