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January 28, 2010
  • Frank J Lapidus

    Frank Alive?

    May 5, 2010 by Frank J Lapidus

    I just rewatched The Candidate, then rewatched Frank's scenes towards the end. When the door blasts out at him, he has his hands up in front of him, so it's possible that may have spared him from being knocked unconscious, just knocked down. And the water being behind that door opens the possibility of being an escape route through a possible breach that caused the water to be there, does it not? And the hallway he is in when the door hits him has a blinking red light above the door, and the ladder he came down to the left of the door. I'm pretty sure as the sub is sinking, we see this same hallway underwater, and we do not see Frank there.

    And I believe the plane may still be a viable option to leave the Island, and Frank is the pilot. I …

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  • Frank J Lapidus

    I just went back and rewatched the White Rabbit scenes with Christian on-Island. During the scene with Jack's talk with Boone when he sees Christian then chases him, three separate times you can hear three really faint clicks that sound just like the Monster. I believe this was done very intentionally. It was just so faint and blended in with other sounds we never really noticed it.

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  • Frank J Lapidus

    FST Frank?

    April 22, 2010 by Frank J Lapidus

    Does anybody think it's significant that other than MiB and Richard, Frank is the only current main character we haven't seen in the flash-sideways? We've even gotten the random tarot card reader from ep 310 and Frogurt in the sideways, but still no Lapidus 13 episodes in. He could have easily been the pilot of 815 in the FST, they had Desmond on the plane when he wasn't supposed to be and Shannon off it when she wasn't supposed to be.

    So does anyone think he'll be significant in the FST or that it's significant that we still haven't seen him?

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  • Frank J Lapidus

    So I feel like throwing out some of the theories I gathered after watching the episode:

    Obviously, OT Desmond remembered his trip to the FST. And did you guys catch that the beginning of that trip was to when he's looking at his reflection? And I think he's sent back to the OT because he makes contact with his Constant.
    Near-death experiences make you see into the timeline you're not in: such as Juliet seeing into the FST in LA X, and Charlie seeing Claire this episode. And I suppose if there's a strong enough (possibly romantic) connection between characters they experience bleedover- Penny and Desmond, Dan and Charlotte, possibly Jack/Kate/Sawyer.

    And did anyone notice that basically every character significant to Desmond popped up this epis…

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  • Frank J Lapidus

    After seeing The Package, my friend and I noticed that FST Sun scrutinizes herself in a mirror directly before OT Sun loses her ability to speak English.
    If you recall the opening of LA X, Jack does the same before noticing the cut on his neck, then recognizing Desmond.
    In What Kate Does, Kate has a lot of bleedover when she is changing after getting her handcuffs off, and she does all this directly in front of a mirror.
    In Lighthouse, it appears as though Jack has another weird feeling when he notices his appendix scar, again in front of a mirror.

    So it seems to me that the bleedovers occur when they look at mirrors. Or, if you will, remembering how much Alice in Wonderland is referenced in Lost, it is sent Through the Looking Glass.

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