• Frank Begbie

    Adam and Eve

    February 21, 2010 by Frank Begbie

    After watching the last couple of episodes I have a feeling that Adam and Eve are Jin and Sun.

    At the moment Jin is stranded in the jungle with Claire. I think there is a good chance he might get "claimed" and end up in Fake Locke's team. This means Jin would represent black. Alternatively, Sun is currently with Ilana et al heading towards the Temple. This means she is likely to be on Jacob's side and she would therefore represent white.

    I think Jin and Sun's inevitable reunion will have to have some kind of interesting complication otherwise it will just be a rehash of the Desmond and Penny arc. I don't know how Jin and Sun's skeltons would end up back in 2003 but I don't think it would take an enormous stretch for that to happen.

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