So this is just a wild theory that i thought i'd put out there. It's obvious that "The Candidate's" ending shocked us all. 3 deaths (possibly 4) in 5 minutes. That's a little heartbreaking, and all though i'm sad to see my friends of 6 years die, i still have to admit that that's good writing. My theory is that maybe in these last few episodes, all of our friends in the OT time line will tragically loose their lives. Maybe it will turn out that the FS timeline will prove to be the actual time line and, as we have seen, everybody will live happily ever after off the island together since they have in one way or another still found eachother. This would explain why Juliet says "it worked". I think dramatically killing off the rest of our losties in the OT timeline would be heartbreaking, but if it was the FS timeline that turned out to be the real one, all would be okay.I would be satisfied with this ending. Now i know this doesn't fit at all with what Desmonds doing and i'm not even sure how they'd pull this off. It's just an idea that i wanted to share.

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