Hey guys, just thought I'd throw something out for you to chew on. So iv'e ben thinking about 'lost' and how the word refers to themes on the show; survivors being lost on an island, people being lost in space, but a theme has been developing that i've also realized. people lost about themselves.season one; jack runs out of the jungle, and immediately takes charge. saves like 4 peoples lives in 10 minutes. he's on top of his game directing people and doing what he can to get people where they need to me. a few episodes into the season and hes totally revoked his leadership position. he doesnt understand how it's come to him and wants nothing to do with it, but he accpets it semi-involuntarily. locke in high school; big science geek, gets beat up. the principal tells him his science is getting him far in life (basically) and locke freaks out, saying it's not who he is, saying he likes 'cars and girls and sports'. but the principal (if thats even his title) says to him 'hey, like it or not, this is who you are'. later on with locke, we se him living in that cult community who grows pot, and hes sent out to kill that undercoer cop, he says he's a hunter, but the cop says hes a farmer (another denial of ones true self). Richard was sent (by a misled locke) into locke's home when locke was a child to give him a 'test'. locke failed this test because once again, he fails to be true to himself and picks the wrong object that 'already belongs to him'. There are ther references to people not acting in accordance with 'who they are'. I just thought I'd throw these two out there. Idk what they mean really, but it's definitely a prominent theme in the sho. I mean, if locke had acknowledged he was a paraplegic and not a hunter he might now have been healed on the island and not been duped by MiB. This whole thing could have been averted by Locke realizing who he was. And the producers have said, the awesome sci-fi and stuff have just been tools used to create awesome character stories, so obviously the people are the most important. I feel like i've come across, though a little unclearly, a big part of the development of this whole show. Thoughts? btw just watched 'House' and cynthia watros plays wilson's ex-wife!

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