• FourToes

    The people are Lost?

    April 23, 2010 by FourToes

    Hey guys, just thought I'd throw something out for you to chew on. So iv'e ben thinking about 'lost' and how the word refers to themes on the show; survivors being lost on an island, people being lost in space, but a theme has been developing that i've also realized. people lost about themselves.season one; jack runs out of the jungle, and immediately takes charge. saves like 4 peoples lives in 10 minutes. he's on top of his game directing people and doing what he can to get people where they need to me. a few episodes into the season and hes totally revoked his leadership position. he doesnt understand how it's come to him and wants nothing to do with it, but he accpets it semi-involuntarily. locke in high school; big science geek, gets b…

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  • FourToes

    Thirty MIssing Years?!

    April 18, 2010 by FourToes

    Howdy Yall Just re-watched season five. When ajira 316 goes down, hurley jack and kate all time travel to 1977 as well as they are sent tot he main island. Sun, ben, lapidus, ilana, Flocke et al all stay in 2007 and on hydra island. Well from that point until now in season six, we have seen no more time travel, just the physical travel of the different camps. Well, we have for sure seen the two parties interact with one another, but how?! At different points in season five the producers (via blacked out screens with titles 'Thirty years earlier/later") make it very clear that these groups are 30 years apart. So how all of a sudden is Flocke talking with sawyer, or hurley? Where did those thirty years go? Maybe I missed a podcast or am blan…

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