I'll admit, when I first got into this show in Season One about the survivors of a plane crash, I never expected that it would become the sci-fi/mythological/time consuming phenomenon that is: LOST. I never suspected the amount of all-encompassing theories that would then sprout out when fellow viewers, “figured out Lost!” However, after years of hatches, indigenous Others, time-travel, and disappearing islands, I’ve come to realize that every overarching theory that the majority of the Lost Community, including myself, have come up with, has been subsequently shot down.

I personally enjoyed speculating on ‘The Time Loop Theory,’ or the more far-fetched, ‘Lost is a Game,’ idea, the possibility that the Island is purgatory was fun, but blown-off, the humorous idea that the entire show was Hurley’s dream was another quickly forgotten theory, or the semi-still possible idea that the Losties were all selected (possibly by DHARMA) to defy fate when free will is not an option (ie: push the button, move the island, all other ‘Man of Science vs. Man of Faith’ debates) has also seemed to have taken the backseat now that DHARMA isn’t an essential part of this final season.

So, I pose this debate: Will there be one huge shocker of a reveal that will force us all to rewatch the first five seasons and have everything (well, definitely not everything, but the main mysteries at least) make sense…?

OR, will there be plenty of small reveals, already started with the confirmation that Flocke is the Smoke Monster, Claire was ‘infected’ and that may be the same thing that’s happening to Sayid, and so on… until our palette is cleansed, and we feel that we understand enough to call it a complete finale?

Personally, I always thought that there would be an overarching shocker, but, as we have come so far, and there are simply too many things to connect, I don’t see how it’s possible… but, I’m not writing the show, and here’s to hoping I’m wrong!

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