As we make our way through this final season of Lost, I can't help but anticipate a major twist to be coming our way soon. I've seen other people speculate that maybe the Man in Black is actually the good guy, and Jacob is the bad guy, but I present this: What if the Third ageless man on the island is the true source of evil? Richard Alpert.

Currently, if you believe what the show is presenting, then you subscribe to the idea that the MIB is bad news, however lets review some facts. In the season five episode, "Dead is Dead," Ben and Flocke (unknown not to be Locke at the time) head out on a journey so that Ben could be judged by the Smoke Monster. Where do they go? To the Temple! The same place where the residents are currently freaking out over the death of Jacob, and spreading ash all over the place. Now, why would they spread the ash to keep Smokey out, when he was happily residing in the basement?

Sure, it can be said that Flocke only snuck into the outer wall of the Temple, and turned into the Smoke Monster while Ben was on his own, and only appeared to be living down there, but at the VERY least, this would debunk the theory that his ‘home’ is the Temple, after he was able to gain access so easily, and could have caused some sort of a sneak attack on the Temple (prior to Dogen and crew learning that Jacob is dead), killing everyone inside a la Bram and co. But, that’s not what this post is supposed to be about, so I’ll continue…

A second example of the Others using the Smoke Monster to their advantage, would be when Ben ‘summons’ the monster to take out Keamy’s men, indicating that it is a ‘Security System’ for the Island. Why, if the Others are so scared/worried about the ramifications of the Smoke Monster/Flocke (as assumed by the spreading of ash around the Temple), would they (or perhaps, just Ben) DARE to even attempt to wake/call on the monster if they didn’t believe it to be a benign resource?

Thirdly, in the Season Four ep, “Cabin Fever,” Richard Alpert escorts Locke to Jacob’s Cabin, but notice how he never tries to cross the ash circle surrounding the cabin. Now, this may be (and probably is) an inconsequential aspect of the story, but may be worth noting as the season progresses…

So, I present to you, what if it is Richard Alpert who can’t cross the black ash? What if he was kept “In those chains,” in an attempt to stop him from causing harm to those who reside on the island/the island itself? What if Jacob “made him this way,” as an eternal punishment to live forever (in chains) on the island that he sought to destroy/harm in some way/reveal to the outside world, until he proved himself worthy of death through years of servitude to the island’s inhabitants, therefore becoming “a sort of advisor” to the Others?

Sorry, didn’t mean for this post to be as long as it was, but let me know what you think!

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