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February 12, 2010
  • ForeverLost23

    I think that we have all been wrong in assuming that it is JUST Desmond, or ONLY Widmore coming to the island. After rewatching Lighthouse last night, I realized that Jacob purposely refers to the fact that ‘they,’ will find another way to the island (transcripts below), implying that more than one person is coming.

    Could this be the same ‘they’ that he referred to in The Incident, right before burning in the flames? I know the popular belief was that the ‘they’ he meant was the time-travelling Losties coming from 1977, however, after Lighthouse, I beg to differ…

    So, what GROUP of people may be coming to the island? The rest of Jacob’s army to combat the size of MIB’s growing allegiance? Thoughts?

    From transcripts of ‘The Incident:’ JACOB: [G…

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  • ForeverLost23

    In the episode, "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham," Ilana has a discussion with FLocke (thought to be a resurrected John Locke at the time) and simply gives him a weird look when FLocke candidly insists that the last thing he remembers is ‘dying.’

    My question is, if Jacob sent her to the island with a job to do of warning everyone what they’re up against (assuming that this was the purpose of their meeting in “The Incident,” and the reason for her recruiting Bram and Miles [again assumptions but Bram did ask Miles what lies in the shadow of the statue]) then why would she not have had her team circle FLocke with ash right then and there and do whatever it is they set out to do, before FLocke even had a CHANCE to kill/manipulate someone …

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  • ForeverLost23

    51 vs 15?

    February 24, 2010 by ForeverLost23

    After pausing the Lighthouse wheel while Jack scrolled towards his number, we get a clear shot of plenty of the numbers. I'm sure that many people noticed that #51 was Austen, as in Kate Austen...

    Is it possible that, along with all other opposites (Good and Evil, Black and White) that Kate and Sawyer (Number 15) are going to be the replacements for Jacob and MIB respectively, relying as the complete inverse of one another's number... or am I just thinking way too far into this?

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  • ForeverLost23

    Numbers 108 and 51

    February 24, 2010 by ForeverLost23

    Ah, the beauty of DVR... I paused the TV on both numbers, I'm sure 51 doesn't sound interesting now, but avert your eyes if you don't want to know...

    108 has the name of Wallace

    51 has the name of Austen (as in Kate's number)

    Just thought this was interesting, and are not spoilers as they've aired and I'm sure screenshots are going to be loaded onto this site as we speak...

    Add other mentionable entries on if you spot any!

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  • ForeverLost23

    Occam's Razor - In short, the easiest solution is usually the right one.

    Related to the Flash Sideways: What if the way that the two alternate realities converge is as simple as the course of action that will take place over Season 6, (selecting candidates, Losties being claimed, infected, and the impending 'war') sets up a series of events that creates the LA X timeline (The island sunk, Jacob/MIB may have never existed).

    I believe that Jughead was simply a red herring, which might have simply negated the energy in the Swan and sent them to 2007, as we've seen some information now, including Ben and Ethan being off of the island, and other oddities that would've been different or even impossible, had the realities 'split' in 1977.

    I think that…

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