In the temple we see what looks like a hieroglyph of the smoke monster in front of Anubis. This 'glyph seems to insinuate that the smoke monster is a servant of Anubis god of death, or maybe another form of Anubis (or who knows its smokey and Taweret and the two gods just look alike, whatever). Put that with the idea of a security system and the name Cerberus (the three headed dog that guards the gates of Hades/Hell in Greco-Roman myth) and seems like he guards the gate to hell (which could be the island or on the island or a hundred other things). Smokey wants out. Why? Tired of being a guard or is he basically death trying to escape his island prison so he can bring death to the world? (Which would tie in nicely with valenzetti equation and Dharma's end of the world thing.) I'm clueless.

Okay so the statue was revealed to be Taweret, Egyptian goddess of fertility. Taweret is a fertility goddess. Ethan is born on the island in 1977 and is the last one we know to be born there until Aaron, since the troubles always seem to kick up at a midway point in the pregnancy and Claire was past that point (assumed). Okay so if there is a Statue to a fertility goddess that Jacob lives in then it's likely they are connected (i.e. the same entity). Why does this happen? Did they send the wrong leader away (and this is a natural punishment for breaking the rules)? Is Taweret now powerless for some reason?

Goddess of Life and God of Death duke it out on the island... ...and death manages to stop new life is black and the other white claims Bernard/living, and the other Rose/dying -white/black ...(add)

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