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February 1, 2010
  • Foley!

    In the temple we see what looks like a hieroglyph of the smoke monster in front of Anubis. This 'glyph seems to insinuate that the smoke monster is a servant of Anubis god of death, or maybe another form of Anubis (or who knows its smokey and Taweret and the two gods just look alike, whatever). Put that with the idea of a security system and the name Cerberus (the three headed dog that guards the gates of Hades/Hell in Greco-Roman myth) and seems like he guards the gate to hell (which could be the island or on the island or a hundred other things). Smokey wants out. Why? Tired of being a guard or is he basically death trying to escape his island prison so he can bring death to the world? (Which would tie in nicely with valenzetti equ…

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  • Foley!

    No one talks in this show

    March 17, 2010 by Foley!


    Who talks to Jacob? Ben? No it seems he never talked to Jacob before he killed him. Whidmore? I don't see anyplace where that happened but its all hush hush during his time as leader so... Ellie? Ditto. What about Richard? They make it seem like he is the one who talks to Jacob but when? How come he doesn't know anything? I mean shouldn't he know that Ben keeps saying Jacob wants this and that but really he's making it up? I mean if Richard is passing all these messages about what Jacob wants and Jacob's lists and everything ever mentioned that something was Jacob's will then he should know more. I mean if he talks to Jacob how can he be duped over a 40 year period that Jacob wants John to be the leader?

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  • Foley!

    Flash Sideways = Epilogue

    March 11, 2010 by Foley!

    Okay so no doubt someone has said this but I haven't read every blog this season so here's the idea. I feel like the flash sideways is the epilogue of the show. After they mop up all the conflict the flash sideways happens, and it's the "happily ever after" or "what happened to..." part of the story. It wouldn't make much sense to make an episode where everything plays out nicely with these rather domestic if parallel issues. We need mystery and conflict but for everyone to be happy, but in the end we want to know how it all works out. Instead of a boring couple of post climatic episodes or story arcs we get them while the conflict itself plays out. I mean there is bound to be some twist to it but everyone/some losties is/are getting…

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