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July 15, 2009

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  • Foivos iNC

    i think that seasons 6 poster will look like seasons 1. well not exactly but it will have many common with seasons 1 poster. i believe this because if you look all the posters you will realize that some seasons poster can make their own groups. seasons 2 and 3 posters have both as focal point the characters ,seasons 4 and 5 have the shame idea with island/city. so i think that seasons 6 poster will somehow look like seasons 1.. any ideas?what do you think about that?

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  • Foivos iNC

    well the vote time is over. i had a few votes but i think that the results show what the most people think.

    the poll i made had the name "LOST FAVOURITE SEASON! Which season is your favourite poll." 27july i think.

    you can see the votes there.

    So finally the winner season is.....

    SEASON 3!

    with 67 points!! and right behind Season 5 with 64!

    and third comes two seasons! season 1 and season 2! with 55 points both and at last season 4 with 44 points.

    We all can see that seasons 3 and 5 are the favourites of the most people. 1 and 2 were amazing too and many had them on top.and season 4 is last because it was the shortest season.

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  • Foivos iNC

    I want you all to be part of this poll. for now season 3 is first!

    waiting more comments :)

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  • Foivos iNC

    I Would be very glad if everyone who has an account here and visits lostpedia every day vote for this. so the results will be more accurate.

    thanks again :)

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  • Foivos iNC

    well i don't know if anyone had posted a same blog post in the community blog before. anyway here you can say and vote your favourite seasons in sequence.(just vote like me,and then tell everything you want) :) my vote: 1.s5 2.s1 3.s2 4.s4 5.s3

    [1-->5points,2-->4points,3-->3points,4-->2points,5-->1point] its very simple,the points with the position goes conversely. hope to be a good poll.

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