We see the flowers for nadia. Foreshadowing for another mode of communication:saving on ink and paper, our dear sayid uses blood, body tissue as mode of communicating. Jin gets untied again.Moreover, our Korean mogul has received the message that things are not going well. We must assume that the rich Korean wants to rid himself of Jin. He has failed. Where is the shoulder to cry on? Martin's boss is just behind the late Martin. When we last saw Charles, he gripping at Hawking about Faraday. I suspect that he won't need the lighthouse to get to the island. He's been visited by male enemy numero uno, Ben Linus' weapon of destruction, Sayid. In a universe of variables, there are other three constants:the hatred of Ben, Desmond, and Faraday. I wonder how many ghosts Charles has to see before walking the plank. Sayid is the first sign of the noose tightening. Sayid leaves Doggone and Lemon in the healing waters of the pool. On purpose? As a joke? As for Desmond, he is always somewhere. no need for a lighthouse. AS for Faraday, he is like the lighthouse. AS Hurley said we never saw it because we were not looking it. Faraday is around: Michigan, the rock world, teaching piano. He is not dead, perhaps he is like Jacob, a ghost. Finally, Ben: he can keepteaching until all or all but one of his enemies are really dead. NO ghost, Just corpses rotting around LInus and the last creature standing.--Flowers10 15:21, March 4, 2010 (UTC)

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