faraday's got isotopes. Radiation sickness, infertile people, he has got at once person moving through time Desmond. If faraday survivesin any form, then jack's choice is accept the world of LA 2004 with the knowledge that many deaths going back to 1954 will be prevented. We know Ben and his dad are alive, so is Charlotte. TO DO THIS HE MUST LET FARADAY DO HIS WORK AND ELIMINATE ILANA and HUGO.Jacob will have no more conduits. OR he fight Faraday and evrything, every death since 1954. NO timeline 2004 LA OR Faraday throws up his hands, says kill me. Jack would wake up or die. Death is possible. OR just as in episode I face the same or a different situation. Jack has to think and act without fully knowing the consequence of his actions. Sayid or Sawyer or Ben would have been better at making this choice. Jacob wants a better chance, so he picked Jack. --Flowers10 12:34, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

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