Jacob is not a good judge of men. Let's go back to episode 1. Jack did not die because the chosen one overslept. Frank Lapidus was Jacob's first choice. He had to scramble. He chose the other talented alcoholic Jack. Note that he had picked a figure needing redemption with incredible skill. Both neurosurgeons and commercial airline pilots are not allowed mistakes. Locke was the better choice. MIB saw this: Alone of all of you, he believed in this island. That's why MIB chose Locke as knight. Jacob also ignored three other choices. Sayid, master of lying, torture and murder. Sawyer had similiar qualities, but lacked the mechanical skills of Sayid. He probably ignored them because he had had enough of Ben (aka Napoleon). However, Jacob had his ace in the hole, Hurley.

Miles was added later to provide contrast, a two-bit, hit-or- miss quasi fake. In contrast to Hurley 3d, chess-playing host of a salon of the departed. Jacob, MIB, and Faraday had to hide themselves from Hurley. In medical terms he is a PET coupled with CT scan with MRI capacity Thrown IN. He scans bodies, minds, and souls. He just had to learn to use his power, and at least Jacob and MIB knew how dangerous he is to be continued--Flowers10 08:01, March 20, 2010 (UTC)

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