Don't get me wrong, I love LOST. I love it because it combines my favorite genres: it is a terrific mystery (with legitimate clues) and a wonderful character stody. It does these things so well in fact, that I've been brought along to enjoy the funky sci-fi aspect, which is not usually my gig. Particularly Seasons One and Three had it all: tension, intrigue, hope, humor, literary techniques, Biblical symbolism, and that wonderful character development. I believed (and I'm saying this as a former English teacher) that it was well on its way to becoming a film masterpiece. Then came Season Four with those very melancholy Flashforwards. The Season Five opener was a disappointment as well. Go back to your roots. Focus on your characters. These people are highly intelligent and are fighters. Stop making them victims. Remember that you are writing an epic not a melodrama. We need a little more Odysseus and a lot less Ralph Finnes in THE READER. If you do not, I'm afraid that intead of a masterpiece, you will have a Star Wars prequel - loved by a small cadre of fans but without critical acclaim or broad appeal. (PS I'm cheering for you and I do have a few ideas for a Kate centric episode that would both answer some of our questions and tie her to the Flashbacks)

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