• Flashesb4myeyez

    I say shame on you all!!! How dare you call yourself a LOST fan or even a LOSTIE.

    LOST is by far one of the greates television shows i've watched in a long time, and i'm glad to say i was part of it. furthur more really people what did you expect for all your answers to be answered...Really??!!??? c'mon that wouldn't make it a good show.

    Yes i admitt alot of theories were way off, but thats the beauty of this masterpiece of show. It kept us thinking for 6 years. To make a show we're it's open for the viewer interpertation is a catch 22 your damned if you do and damned if you don't.

    However we have to take for consideration, that carlton and damon were blessed with being able to create a show and have creative control from Piliot to The End. T…

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  • Flashesb4myeyez

    I just finished watching season 5 on DVD. So when Locke time Flashes and see the beach craft crash for the first time and then he is shot by Ethan then he flashes again and richard shows up to tell him what he has to bring everyone back and gives Locke the compass then tells him he going to die. Then Locke flashes to 1954 meets Richard and so starts the chain of events. Now when Locke comes back to Island and finds richard and tells him they have a quick mission to do and they go to where exactly Locke will be when he time flashes to the beach craft. Locke tells ben he knew because the island told him.

    So my question is By Locke telling richard to tell old Locke what he had to do. Is that creating the loop where MIB can get to Jacob? What …

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  • Flashesb4myeyez

    Radzinsky and the Swan

    September 10, 2009 by Flashesb4myeyez

    So i was thinking with everything that happened in the incident. Will the swan Still be built? Also Razinsky, i could of sworn he got injured during the implosion i could be wrong i gotta watch it again. However i can help but wonder if something did happen to radzinsky. Will Kelvin still meet him in the swan? Things that make you go Hmmmm??????

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