Was at the weekly pub quiz with my team and we ended up tying for second, which meant that there is a tie breaker round, with a numerical answer, and whichever team guessed closest would have gotten the second prize, while the other team gets third.

The question was: "How many people were on Oceanic Flight 815 in the TV show Lost?" All eyes on me.

And I had no damn clue. Since you only have 20 seconds to get the answer in, I said 108, without considering how big a 777-sized plane is, and then was nervous as hell because I would be pissed off I lost a trivia contest based on a Lost question. Luckily the other team had no idea either and guessed 69, but the actual answer was around 300.

Out of curiosity, is there anyone who could have gotten that answer in 20 seconds? That means no hitting Lostpedia on your phone, even if you don't mind cheating.

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