Okay, so I thought it was really cool, and very cleverly tongue-in-cheek, how the one thing that prompted Ben to remember the island was getting a beat-down. Of all the things to signify his time on the island, it was the fact that he got regularly owned to the point where it was a well-known joke. Very cool.

So, one of the more subtle but very entertaining questions left in the show is: What do you think will be the trigger for each character? On the assumption that everyone is going to converge at this upcoming concert (an interesting metaphor in itself), it's safe to bet that each of them will recieve an awakening of some kind.

This is an old-school, classic Lost, theory-bait scenario that I think a lot have people have overlooked due to all the other "bigger" stuff that's been going on. We have a decent reason to suspect that something will happen, and we have a few precedents for which to assemble a framework for making predictions. Those precedents are:

Desmond was triggered by the catalyst of 'not Pennys boat' during a near death experience, a very powerful moment for him that involved losing a friend and an obstacle in his search for his love. Charlie had no specific catalyst or trigger that we know of, but his near-death-experience gave him some insight - same applies to John Locke, who seems to also have a glimpse, but is missing his catalyst. These two characters died in the OT... having died seems to give you some insight, but that hasn't been enough for Locke yet - the whole MiB thing could perhaps make him a special case.

Sun remembers. Along with her near-death experience, I'd say its reasonable to assume that her pregnancy was a significant catalyst. Daniel has insight (he died), but has yet to meet Charlotte yet. Hurley never had a near-death experience, so he never had the glimpse at all, up until his catalyst (picnic with Libby on the beach) where it all hit him at once. Ben had a glimpse and some insight, maybe because his near-death experience was more or less the same thing as his catalyst... but there's stll something missing.

So this leaves us with a really interesting question, that is tied to the heart of all the character development that we've seen. Most of these characters have already crossed paths in the FST, so what will bringing them all together do... what will each characters catalyst be? This should be a really fun guessing/theorising game.

I would venture that Claire might go into labour, and the delivery of Aaron should do the trick for her, Kate, and Charlie.

What about Jack? What could possibly be the thing that brings Mr. Prime Candidate himself to remember the island? He's already met Locke and Kate which rules them out... so far Jack hasn't experienced anything near the glimpes that some of the others have. If I had to take a guess, I'd say Christian is involved...

Locke? That's a big one. Could be THE big one. I can't think of anything that might be his catalyst, unless it's simply seeing all the people he wanted to save in one place. What would he remember?

I think we all know Sawyers will be Juliet and vice-versa. How about Miles? I got nothing, could be related to his father... but he's known Chang his whole life.

The list goes on... what do you guys think?

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