My musings are finally spilling over into a blogpost again. This nothing too huge, but if you couldn't tell by the title of the post, this is a little theory about what's under the sea! Basically for what seems like a long time but is only a couple of weeks, I haven't quite swallowed the koolaid about Jughead being what split the timelines. Basically my favourite idea so far is that Jacobs death is what actually brought the Losties back to 2007. If you think that is codswallap then fair enough, just don't bother reading the rest of this. These are just my thoughts on what that could mean.

Along with that main idea, I'll also suggest that the Losties suddenly disappearing during the incident and appearing back in 2007 is what caused the split in the timelines. I don't think the bomb went off. It might have; the one clue being Richard saying he saw them all die, so if it did then I don't think it caused the split.

Now, the earliest we've ever seen in history is 1954, when Richard visited baby Locke. This means that if the Losties never crashed on the island, in the alternate history the divergence begins in 1954 (because Locke never told Richard to visit him), if not at an earlier time that we haven't seen yet. So it seems that Jacob has a lot of knowledge of these time travel flashes, as evidenced by his seemingly longterm plan to get Sayid to the temple, and that it involved telling Hurley that Jin found the temple with the French team.

For the sake of speculation with my original idea, what if Jacob had some level of control over these? Maybe he can only pick the time that people travel to and not when the flashes actually happen. Maybe the island exists in two states, and turning the wheel once switches it to the state where it is not bound by time and space, and turning the wheel again switches it back - Thats pure whacky speculation, but maybe the wheel being "off its axis" is pure bullshit, but only during that time could Jacob exercise his control over the time jumps.

No matter how much or how little control Jacob has over the time jumping, if you accept that he has some (as suggested by the his Sayid scheme) that that implies Jacob isn't limited to operating through time linearly. Only fools are enslaved by time and space. What I'm getting at is that for this theory, taking Jacob out of action at any point in time will undo his actions at all times. Or maybe it only undoes all his control over time-travel, but thats the only part I need for the theory.

So MiB gets his way and has Jacob killed. Everything caused by Jacobs involvement with the time travellers us undone; the Losties vanish just like Marty McFly at the 1955 Enchantment Under the Sea dance in Back to the Future, and arrive back in their original timeline at the point of Jacobs death. In this timeline, history records they were in the Dharma Initiative, Jin was with the French team etc.

There also exists a new timeline, where none of the time travel happened at all. No Losties in Dharmaville, no Jin with Rousseau, no Daniel warning Chang about the incident, no Locke flashing all over the place, no (living) Jacob, and no unlucky Hurley for him to talk to. So what happened at the Swan site might have killed Radzinsky, because there was no Chang and no Losties waving guns around telling everyone to go away. Maybe it's because there was no bomb to neutralize the energy? Maybe it detonated after all, but no mushroom cloud. Either way, no hatch built, no plane crash. MiB is free to do what he wants... so he (somehow) moves the island back home... Under The Sea!

Okay so the endings a little weak but you know the drill, team: tell me where I went wrong.

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